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In This Opportunity I Am Very Thankful To Google Personally For Providing Facilities And Facilities Through Products As Among The Following Products Blogger, Gmail, Youtube, Google AdSense, Google Search, Google Chrome ... And Many More Google Products. Here I Did Not Call Mention One by One Google Friends Later In New Blog Posts.

I provide the best information with all my mind and the strength of my abilities is very limited. Please give suggestions and guidance and criticism through comments or contact me to correct the shortcomings and errors.

I took a number of articles from other blogs and also discussed my personal ideas to provide information relating to the reader, and if there were several owners who supported the articles I took, please contact me or open a message in the comments related to the article to ensure that I can accepted as possible

I express my deepest gratitude for all you have given me, including your willingness to visit this simple blog.

I consider you all as my brother who is now meeting. I congratulate you again, and good luck accompanying you.

Salam Blogger

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